The Rawhide
& Dusty Show

Local Man Performs Bullwhip And Trick Horse Show At The Tennessee Walking Horse Celebration

Mark Lahmann (Rawhide) performed for a crowd of over 20,000 people at the World Tennessee Walking Horse Celebration in Shelbyville, TN.

Rawhide and Dusty, a cowboy team of horse and rider, gallop into the big oval for an exhibition that had folks gasping in excitement.

"Rawhide" is an authentic cowboy. Dusty is his trusted steed. Together, the team performs rodeo-style tricks with ropes and bullwhips.

"But they are really not a 'trick' team at all," said longtime Walking Horse judge and trainer, Howard Roberts.

Crediting his grandparents for making him into a "cowboy," Rawhide said he and his horses will travel extensively in the next year, but there will still be time for showing children how to rope and ride, something he does frequently at Bible schools and schools in his local areas.

At one time, the trainer of tricks was once a trainer of AQH (American Quarter Horse) contenders, as well as a contractor. Now, thanks to the sponsorship of Maximum Performance, Inc., the crew will be on the road about 45 weeks per year, showing the true grit of horse and rider.

"We had a great time with a tremendous response and a lot of support for the show," stated Lahmann.

"You know you are in the big time when security escorts you into the building, instead of out," said Lahmann.

The Rawhide
& Dusty Show

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