Saddle up partner!  Put your feet in your stirrups and hold on tight! This exciting show will put you on the edge of your seat!

Mark demonstrates many different types of whip popping with a 10 foot bull whip.  He loves to spend time before and after the event performing trick roping and meeting and greeting the crowd.  Mark, also known as Rawhide, has been working with horses most of his life.  He starts training horses and teaching them tricks at 6 months old.  Rawhide and the horses love to entertain the crowd with tricks such as: shaking their head yes and no, bowing, lying down and raring up.  After performing these tricks, Rawhide will lope the horse around around the arena performing whip popping on horse back.  He and the horse will also jump onto the back of the truck and then onto the back of the trailer.  Once on top of the trailer they play on the teeter totter.  Then, even higher, Rawhide will stand in the saddle and pop the whip.

Rawhide has also trained 2 Texas Longhorn Steers known as Frank and Jessie, the outlaws from Missouri.  Frank and Jessie perform on top of the trailer with Rawhide and the horse.  The Rawhide & Dusty show are members of many rodeo associations and have traveled all over the United States for more than 15 years performing at various events.  The Rawhide & Dusty Show is very pleased to be here entertaining for you.