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Rawhide performs target work with the bullwhip both on and off of horseback and also demonstrates many different types of whip popping, all using a ten foot bullwhip. He also spends time before the event, meeting and greeting the crowd, and performing trick roping.
Rawhide has been working with Dusty for many years, he began training Dusty when the horse was only six months old. Now Dusty loves entertaining the crowd. He will shake his head "yes", take a bow, lie down, and will also rare up on his hind legs; all to the amazement of the crowd. After this entertainment, Rawhide and Dusty will lope around the arena, performing different whip popping techniques. While on horseback, Rawhide will jump Dusty onto the back of the truck, and then jump him onto the top of the trailer. Once on top of the trailer, Dusty will perform on a teeter-totter. While Dusty is on top of the trailer, Rawhide stands up on the saddle and cracks his whip. When the show culminates, Rawhide and Dusty ride out of the arena on top of the trailer.
Rawhide and Dusty perform for Rodeos, Fairs, Private Parties, Grand Openings, and Promotional Events.

The Rawhide and Dusty Show is a member of the:

IPRA - International Professional Rodeo Association
MRCA - Missouri Rodeo Cowboy Association
ACRA - American Cowboy Rodeo Association

The Rawhide
& Dusty Show

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